Self Build Houses

Nowadays more and more people are choosing to build their own houses rather than to buy one ready made. This can be a cheaper way of getting the house you want and, of course, it gives you more control over how your house looks and works as you will design the house in the first place.


In order to self build a house you will need to find and buy a suitable plot of land. It is vital here that you buy land that you will actually be allowed to build on as you’ll need planning permission to do so. You can find self build land in various ways - many people will use specialist land agencies, some will find it themselves and some will use estate agents.

Some people will self build their house from scratch to their own design and some will work with teams of architects and builders to turn their ideas into reality. If you prefer you can also self build a house with the help of specific ‘kits’ or timber frames which are ready constructed to be put up quickly. Do remember that your new house will need a ‘warranty’ when it is built. The NHBC now offer a special certificate scheme for self-builders here.

The way you fund your self build house may play a part here as well. Some people will sell their existing home and live in rented property whilst they build their house. Others will take on an extra mortgage to raise the finance they need although this can be difficult with some lenders. Your best option from a mortgage point of view may be a specialist self build product.